So at restore home health the nurses are very very experienced with treating patients with hip and knee replacements.

Excellent excellent. They’re very very experienced in that facet. Lovely.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to move on to reason to why why healing at home especially as it pertains to restore him Health Care of Oklahoma is the best way to go. So reason to a good night’s sleep now Larry with a newborn baby. What’s so good about an average of eight to nine minutes of sleep.

That’s right. That’s right. Actually you know I get a little more sleep than that. OK. There’s a pretty good tradeoff in my house. But a good night’s sleep is is good for everyone and that’s why we call it a good good night’s sleep. So I think that the importance of resting allows our body to heal.

You know if we don’t have adequate rest the problem with being in the hospital for a prolonged period of time is is that you often have people in and out of your room in the middle of the night. If you’re like me it takes you about 30 to 40 minutes to fall asleep. So if you had someone come in your room about every two hours to check in on you which is the average which should be the average nurse comes in the room to check on you. You know when you’re spending the majority your time trying to fall back asleep. And so without rest of the body takes longer to heal it takes longer to get well.

You’re also not emotionally well when you don’t sleep. We know that everyone knows and we know that in our office too and we have individuals that come in and they’re not not not rested we tell them to go and lay down on the couch in the office that we have that has the couch couch go take a little nap and then that way you can have a good day’s rest so you can be a good day worker.

Yes sleep is very valuable.

It’s very I absolutely have a have either of you slept in a hospital bed before. Yes they have. OK. Now is your bed more comfortable than a hospital bed.

Absolutely. It is absolutely yes it is.

Yep. Now now I think that point just just the line just proves that you know being at home you’re more likely to get a good night’s rest you’re in you’re in your comfort zone environment in a comfortable bed. Now I’m going to quote for you guys. Girls like it hit us with the quote you ready for this. Yes sleep by the way you can’t see me guys but I’m using this hand gesture to make it look like I’m on stage you know with a skull in my left hand and you’ll see why I didn’t sleep that knits up the rebeled sleeve of care the death of each day’s life saw labor barf a bomb of hurt. Mine’s great nature’s second course chief nourisher in the lies feest. William Shakespeare Macbeth. Now I think Shakespeare really had a point. I think he had a point that even Shakespeare knew back in the day that sleep was the very foundation of survival and healing and repairing. That’s right. That’s right you know.

So the old Shakespearean you know he knew his stuff. You know he knew what he was talking about.

He did and he did and put Paul on the line of Mike for the poetry reading down at the Cherry Street Coffee House on Tuesday nights.

10 bucks I had guys bring him straight to me. Fantastic good stuff. Really the last point.

You know we’ve had some experience in taking a patient. I’m not going to mention a patient’s name you know. You know data protection and patient protection went up but there was a certain patient. That we took from an area where she wasn’t getting much sleep. I believe she didn’t have housing. And we took that patient to to a residential place where she had a comfortable bed and a comfortable environment. Now I want to ask you guys you didn’t know I was going to ask you this but did that improve her or her overall healing and general well-being. Do you remember what I’m talking about. benefits of recovering at home health

Oh yeah. OK. Larry would probably know that better. Yeah. I’m going to say yes. Yes.

We know obviously you go from sleeping under a bridge to sleeping in an apartment.


You know the fundamental difference is from where she was at to to where we were able to assist her was you know she went from homelessness to housing which you know there’s a lot of organizations in the city of Tulsa that work towards that you know and restore home health care.

You know we have a special place in Laurinaitis in our heart for you know reaching out to people in the community who are are in sort of this kind of transition. And so she just happened to be one of these people in helping her get an A in a in a home you know was a top priority. You know one of the things about not having a home is you can’t really address the mental health or the physical needs of an individual until they have a home. If they’re in transition where they’re living in a day center or they’re living on the street it’s hard to keep up with that person.

And so getting them into some sort of stable setting is is is really the only way to treat conditions. And so within a matter of days following that this individual was able to get a good night’s rest on multiple good night’s rest and able to receive some consistent and skilled nursing and physical therapy. And this individual improved dramatically in a matter of days. And so it goes it goes to show that you know you know despite That’s one of those sort of kind of isolated cases that we don’t usually have.

But it does show that an individual that is within a home in their own home setting can go from virtually being at the point of this is this is it for them to be in a place where they were actually doing quite well. So that’s lovely.

That’s really good stuff. It kind of reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs safety and food being the two most basic needs by humans and you satisfied that with the patient. And I was fortunate enough to witness that which was which was just amazing amazing stuff.

So it helped her and I think it helped all of us too.

Oh yeah for sure. 100 percent. Yeah I remember that day clearly. That was that’s a day I’ll never forget.

So the third reason why recovering at home is a lot more beneficial than recovering in a hospital setting or another setting is social interactions. Now you guys are pretty social people. I’ve seen you in social settings. Do you enjoy being social.

That’s quite the same time.

Butterflies Yeah. I love it. benefits of recovering at home health

So what benefits would you say. You know if you are hitting home and you know your family is coming around and friends are coming to visit you in the comfort of your own home you know what benefits you think that might have to your healing process.

I think that’s a huge impact that has a huge impact on healing. You know when you’re in your own environment and you know you have people that you love and people that love you you know it’s all about community.benefits of recovering at home health

And it’s it’s easier process when you’re in your own home.

Yeah. I remember a time where I was living in my apartment in the UK and I had tonsillitis.

It was a near death experience cause internal pressure was always from your mind. A man called back with terrible illness the sickest I’ve ever been and I felt I remember feeling so alone and sweaty just sweaty it was so bad. benefits of recovering at home health

And I called my mom and you know she came over to visit me and I just remember. It’s very difficult to put into words.