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Greetings greetings one and all. This is Paul Mathurin recently methedrine retries Consols and we are here with the one and only restore home health. We’ve got the gorgeous Larry Montgomery and that beautiful oh yes Laurie clover. Oh yes. Now we’ve just finished a conversation about beard oil. Right. That’s what we’re discussing right. That’s right. Well the specialty is that it provides you and that’s not necessarily as exciting as the subject is. That is the subject today is Risto is restore home health course and home health in Oklahoma taking care of Oklahomans making the world a better place. One patient at a time. Eddie are you doing today. I’m doing very well this morning Paul. Doing very well thank you very much. Fantastic. By the way I loved it. Absolutely loved them because I can.
Very very true. Very true essence of who these people to my right in the studio. It’s fantastic people. We are doing very well this morning. Thank you for asking.
Good good glad to hear that. Well you know I’ve got a few questions on my mind about home health. And who better to ask than the beautiful Laurie Kleiber and the gorgeous Larry Montgomery gorgeous. Now these guys they know the answer to pretty much anything as it pertains to himself. So that’s why I say that you know they’re the best people to ask. Restore Home Health
So some of our listeners have have called in and they have asked a couple of the a couple of these questions and I just I’m not going to call all of them. Yes. So is Mrs. my mom and my sister was actually miss and miss the blokes and Mrs. Jones and they called in and they had a couple of questions.
So now it may seem a little general but just go ahead and answer these as you can. You know either one of you can answer this the first question is this how does home work Larry. Restore Home Health
Oh well how does home care work. I mean home care I mean starts off with someone getting sick and needing help. And so make sense. Yes it does make sense. So you don’t need home care if you’re not sick. Right. Restore home health care receives a referral either self-referral. So if you feel like you have a condition that requires health care services you can call into our office and speak with one of our wonderful customer service representatives or one of our intake specialists and they will talk with you about home care services and what qualifies for home care services. Specifically you have to be home bound. Once we kind of go through the details of your particular problem that needs to be addressed whether you need skilled nursing or physical therapy occupational therapy speech therapy social work or personal care assistant will reach out to your physician or you reach out to your physician and say I’d like for restore home health care to come out and provide me with care and then they’ll send us an order. You know all services provided in the home care setting are directed by a physician physician certifies each individual for home care services for a 60 day period. Restore Home Health
And within that 60 days whatever services the physician has ordered We will go out there and provide that care if we’re able.
And then you know there are very different circumstances it might may possibly be something that we might not be able to provide but we’re always up front with that. But generally speaking there is not much that can’t be done in the home these days are providing care in and bringing people from health to wholeness.
Yeah I have kind of an odd question for you Laurie Larry. What do you think patients are looking for and ultimately what do you think they’re not looking for in terms of care at their home over overdoing this. You know obviously doing this over the years you guys have seen some really great things. I would imagine you heard some really great stories but there’s probably also on the opposite end of the spectrum not necessarily from health but home health care in general. General what patients have experience something that’s not so fantastic. Can you speak to that in terms of what patients are looking for and what they’re not looking for. Great question.  Restore Home Health
Great question. Well I think ultimately I mean at the heart of it Patients want to feel like they are being taken care of and that there is somebody you know helping them manage whatever disease it is or their medications but helping really helping them. You know and a lot of that is is it goes far beyond just the nursing or just the therapy. It’s the service and how you provide it. And so I think ultimately that’s probably the number one thing. But you know when you back up or even just away from the patients you know our goal is to keep them in their home keep them healthy keep them out of the hospital and things have changed over the years just in terms of what we have to focus on as a business. But at the heart of it it’s still it’s still just you know having the patients feel like they’re being taken care of.
Sure. That makes absolute sense. You know there are stories out there for. Pharmaceutical reps that will call on a. Physician and they’ll tell them about their product they’ll tell them all about it. But they might missing details from time to time now that their physician may not do his own research and give something to a patient and all of a sudden it might have an incidental occurrence with something else that they’re taking you know and he wasn’t warned or maybe didn’t ask the questions or something you know something happens. Is that the case ever in home health care where there’s maybe not enough information that’s given to a patient or or you have a nurse where you may not not necessarily restore home health but in home health care in general or you you may not have trained or they may not train that nurse appropriately and they go into a home and something happens. Does that ever happen. Restore Home Health
You want that one. Usher I mean I think that there’s always going to be a circumstance that comes up where a nurse doesn’t completely understand the right skill that that’s needed to to care for the patient. I think a properly educated nurses you know where we you know restore we take the time to educate our nurses that when you go into a home and there’s something that you don’t understand there we have a support team that they can reach out to. I think one of the biggest things is is several years ago I experienced a little bit of illness myself and Bryant and I spent a lot of time trying to work through the healthcare system and it was very frustrating and I understand how health care works. Restore Home Health
Why am I not able to get an appointment. Why am I not able to get help.
And I begin to sort of kind of apply that experience to the homecare say and it’s it really sort of kind of boosted my passion for patient care.
If someone calls our office and they make a request we don’t want them to have a delay. We want them to know that we are working on it and if we can’t solve their issue by the end of the day we want to call them back and say hey we’re still working on it. A lot of these folks are homebound.
They live alone and the only thing they have to do is sit there and wonder if someone is working on their health care. And so that can be frustrating and that can cause someone to be anxious and be stressed and all of those things contribute to you know health that is not not not good. And so we take a special effort to train our nurses to to really work hard to address the patient’s needs when they make the call and if they don’t understand something to reach out to one of their fellow coworkers or reach out to the administration and so we can work to solve problems that are harder then you know then then are outside of the scope of practice that they’re that they’re typically used to. Mm hmm. Restore Home Health
I think that’s really important to address because it clearly shows that you guys have processes it shows that you guys have answers and have training as well because I mean just recently last couple of days and you can speak to this we had somebody approach Paul and asked him about health care and that they had had a bad experience and a nurse from another company had and talked to talk to their loved one and basically said Wow you’re in really bad shape. Wow. You know and just just rattled it off all the negative things that were happening with her and just gave her a really bad experience and care. And so they were asking about restore home health. I don’t know all the details but that’s something close to that.
Yeah I think I think you know I’m not a nurse but I would imagine that there’s a certain degree of emotional intelligence that nurses need to need to possess and that is that goes with communicating with patients and you know if they’re going through a chronic condition I’m 99 percent sure the patient is aware that going through a chronic condition. And so you know they don’t necessarily need the racial attitudes that Mitt mentioning the company’s name that that led to a very bad experience for that patient unfortunately which led to an opportunity for them to reach out to a reputable company like we’re still where we can we can come in and not only help the patient restore them to to how they used to be but also so they can actually feel good during the process and they’ll feel like this is the end of the road. And what notes that I think you know the way the patient feels feels plays very vital important role to the healing and the process of getting better. Just subtly shifting the focus a little bit. One of the big worries that I know that patients have is the is the cost out of pocket. Why do they have to pay. What is this going to. How is this going to affect their pocketbook as one might say no I know that insurance does cover the majority of services with home health but what are some of the what are some of the ways that health services are paid for and what are the differences.
Well like you said insurance covers a lot of home health but we’re all familiar with insurance. So deductible still apply co-payments still apply it. It’s not any different for home health than it is for say a physician or a hospital ER or something like that. Now if your Medicare beneficiary that is part of your benefits. So if you do have Medicare and you’re on home health that’s paid for and that is of benefit. That is something that you have earned you’ve paid for over the years so you know we encourage people don’t feel bad if you have to utilize it. That’s what it’s there for. And you know in the long term to help someone stay in their home is much much better then you know ultimately ending up in a nursing home or or the hospital or something like that. So Medicare patients but that’s part of their benefit so there’s no cost to them at all. Restore Home Health
That’s excellent because if you’re if you’re a Medicare patient if you’re a Medicaid patient and you’re over the age of 65 does Medicare cover is eligible.
Well Medicare is Medicare would be the primary payer for your home care services once you are over 65.
And what typically it would be the primary period. I mean some some individuals are on Medicare Advantage programs where Medicare pays a premium to a private insurance company and then that insurance company would be your primary payer for your home care services. Medicaid we do take Medicaid on a on a case by case and upon location in the state of Oklahoma. You know Maine it is Medicaid. And so you know they dictate the reimbursement rates for that. And so you know you know under the current financial crisis that we’re experiencing in Oklahoma you know you know that system is a little bit broken. And so you know we you know we have to sort of kind of watch those case by case just because you know you may have a case that you might not be able to provide the care. We don’t want to say that we can do something that we can’t do because we expect that every patient is going to receive the highest quality of care that they can possibly receive. And if we’re not the ones that can do it which we believe we are always the one that can do it. But there are cases depending upon someone’s location where we are not the ones that can do it. And so we want to make sure that patient is referred to an agency that’s closer to their home where they would be able to receive care from a nurse that is just a couple of miles away versus one of our nurses that has to drive 50 miles to get to their house. Right.
So do you have the majority of patients that come your way. Is it the patients calling you. Is it physicians calling you.
Who else how with these patients headed towards restore most of the patients that we have restore come from hospital discharges. So either the physician physician or the case manager or skilled nursing facilities which means they have gone to a rehab type unit after their hospitalization and now they’re going home. Those are probably two of the. Most frequent referrals.
Do the patients get a choice as to which health. That’s her home health care company. They go to they’re supposed to yes. Is that right. So how does that work. How does that work for the patient. When you say they’re supposed to. What does the power lie. Well ultimately I think it lies with whoever is offering the services right there.
Typically. Or it is supposed to happen or should happen is when a case manager or a skilled nursing facility or even a physician is talking to a patient about home health they ask the patient if they have a preference on their home health provider. OK. Most patients. Well I don’t know if I’d say most many patients don’t have an experience with home health history with home health so you know they really do leave the decision up to the person who’s who’s offering it. If they do they’ll usually tell if it was a good experience and then they’re referred got to that one if not then it really is up to the case manager or the discharge planner or physician to place them. So you know our reputation our history what we do it restores very important. Right. You know we can’t take patients mess up go back and ask for more. You know that doesn’t really work that way. Yeah that makes sense.
How far how far are you willing to go to see a patient.
Well we have a 50 mile radius from each of our locations. So we we try to stay right there at 50 or under.
You guys have four locations is that correct. Five. Five locations. So where are those locations. We’re still Oklahoma.
That’s a great question and it’s a great question. So we have an excellent location out there in Edmond right guys. That’s a good location location. It’s beautiful this is out there taking care of business making sure that patients are taken care of and they are beautiful nurse they are beautiful beautiful inside and outside. All right. OK so we also have a location in Tulsa Oklahoma. I mean technically it’s broken but it’s that’s the location right guys. That’s correct. No. Is that considered the head office. No. No.  the parts the good stuff. So yeah that’s isn’t broken.
And there’s also a location Muskogee right through Okies from Muskogee Alabama. Now that’s because of the head office right. That’s correct. And there are those folks and my due diligence. There’s also a an office in Stigler. Yes Bergler Oklahoma. All right. Excellent. How many is that that’s for. That’s. And the last location is in Grove Oklahoma Grove Oklahoma City. That’s because I’ve been to Grove lately. So you know that lake capital of the world. All right. So really it’s a very very very serious threat of Oklahoma right. Exactly. So once once you’re healed and you home health care is taken care of you can go there on the wakeboard and take care of business.
I bet. Restore Home Health
So how do we speak to having fun. You know people saving lives as though we’re speaking about veterans do we take care of. We take care of veterans guys. Absolutely
we get it. Paul I left that one out didn’t. I apologize. That’s for sure. What
do we take referrals from the Veterans Hospital. We do take we received We’ve received lots of clients from the Veterans Administration in Muskogee home and they have a fantastic hospital there it’s top notch. I mean it’s one of the nicest in the country. They provide some of the highest quality of care that you’ll ever receive in the veterans facility. I’ve been there myself multiple times.
My grandfather retired from there. Wow. So it’s a it’s a fantastic facility and they send US clients on on on a regular basis and so we do care for veterans. We take a lot of pride in caring for our veterans and our nurses are our you know they they always are excited to take care of.
So it’s a good it’s a win for us and we really enjoy it and we really enjoy working with the V.A. system there. They’re there much to the the. I would disagree with society’s take on the V.A. system they’re quite easy to work with. Right. Get it’s pretty amazing if you go for a walk through the day or if you haven’t seen a there are there are veterans there from from many different generations and they are.
There are amazing people sacrificed a lot you know and then they’ve given a lot of limbs.
The post-traumatic stress disorder is big. You know how the nurses deal with some patients that really just have a lot more.
Need it’s it that way.
Well I mean you know the important thing is is understanding what the need is up front.
And so we can go into the home you know a highly trained home health nurse in most of ours our restore home health. We spend a lot of time training them and teaching them to be aware of conditions right away. We’re a highly trained nurse will go into the home and do a comprehensive assessment and recognize and need from day one. Right. And so if we recognize the need you know from the start you know we can care for the patient appropriately.
You know throughout the duration of care. So you know we can frontline visits we can add the appropriate therapies we can connect with the appropriate community sources resources and so on. So it’s it’s important that we make the appropriate assessment from the beginning. And once we do that we know what type of care to provide. It’s also important to communicate back and forth with the physician knowing exactly what their expectations are for us. And it’s important for each of the team members to communicate with each other and so we we work with.
We work inside of a software environment. Kids are software and we have for many years that allows a very high level of care coordination. So you know so. So while we get clients that have a tremendous amount of need. The pieces that we’ve put together to to care for those clients that you know allow this sort of kind of comprehensive coordination of care.
And to some excellent stuff. Well guys that was.
That was restore home health. And this is the podcast number eight. I do believe. Thank you for listening. It’s been a great time and we’ll catch you next time. Have a fantastic day. Thank you.