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Good morning this is Andy Mathurin speaking from rice consults with Paul Mathurin right next to me. Good morning. Good morning. You know today’s a special day. It really is because we should have the C E O in town of restore home health of Oklahoma. Oh my gosh. Miss Laurie clover. Laurie Hello. Good morning. Good morning. And we have Mr. Larry Montgomery you guys will know who this is. Good morning. This is the guy that gives you the awesome information every week. That’s right. So how you doing. I’m doing well. Good good. So this morning we’re just going to we’re going to talk about Restore. We’re going to talk about a variety of things but I wanted to say hi to Mr. Lorian and to say thank you very much for coming down today and talking about restoring home health of Oklahoma.
How how do you feel about your company how you felt things are going these days. Restore home health of Oklahoma
Well I think you know obviously we feel good about it. We always want more. We always want better we always want bigger. Right. But yeah I am. I’m very happy with where we are. That’s Restore home health of Oklahoma
good. That’s good. I want to congratulate you on having such good company a very competitive company out there that is doing a lot of really good things. You got some fantastic nurses happening.
This is the gap between all the locations we probably have around 20 25 nurses. Restore home health of Oklahoma
That’s pretty impressive It wasn’t always like that. It was in the company it was. Was there a lot of growth there.
There’s been growth in different areas probably between all the employees across the board. We have close to 60 now.
Wow. Wow that’s impressive. And how many locations are there.
We have five locations. We have grow Stigler Muskogee Tulsa and Oklahoma City guys kind of spread out across the map of Oklahoma.
Yes we are. Nice. Nice. Larry you you’ve been working with Laurie for a while now. You guys obviously have a big star. You guys do a lot of missions around the area. Tell me about your sales team a little bit.
Our sales team I mean they they sort of kind of speak for themselves you know right Paul happens to be on that sales team. He’s a wonderful speaker. And here with us.
But just a terrible person sounds like he’s a great looking person when it comes to home health and the home health care market.
You have to find the right people and so we can take our time with it when it comes to putting people out there who represent restore home health care. You know and so it’s it’s not just going out there and grabbing someone who can talk a big game is going out there and finding someone who believes in what we are doing as an organization. They have to have the same mission that we have the same vision. And so our team. We don’t necessarily call them a sales team. We call them account managers but they’re actually the the face of the organization because they they’re out there day to day talking with our physicians and our referral sources talking about what our nurses do what our therapist do you know and and what we do differently than other home care agencies. And we put our patients first and we have a lot of programs that show that and we have a lot of statistics and things out there. You know patient surveys and quality quality care satisfaction surveys that show that those things are true and so we have those individuals out there representing us in a way that. We’re happy to have them.
So that’s great. That’s great. Lori what do you typically look for when you’re when you’re looking at nurses to represent your company and really look after the patients that are out there. What are you typically looking for. Restore home health of Oklahoma
Well you know that’s a really good question and when somebody comes up with a definite five point answer on that I want to see it because you know sometimes that’s kind of hard. But at a restore home health I mean. Probably the biggest thing that that we look for when we’re interviewing potential nurses would be their compassion for people their willingness to work with a group. You know we’ve had employees not just nurses that are now they’re just really in there it’s a job a job to them and no more no less. Right. They’re in there from eight to five nights for whatever it might be. But is it simply a job we want to find team members whether it is a nurse or somebody in the office. I mean we really are trying to create a team that has one mission one goal for Restore and that is to go out and to help the patients. So probably you know some of the skills that nurses need and Larry can talk about this more. You can teach me you can teach people how to draw a lab you can you know teach people how to do certain things in bags or what it might be but whatever it might be but you can’t really teach them compassion and you can’t teach them how to care about people. That’s something they have to now know. You know that comes from you know their character or whatever it might be. So probably we we look for the things that you can’t teach. Everything else we can do.
I love it. But what do you do specifically teach the class some compassion.
Well I think compassion is something that is not taught. But but let in so you know you lead by example and so generally speaking you’re either compassionate or you’re not. And so that’s fairly easy to pick up on it during the hiring process. And so people who are compassionate are generally speaking about how they can help other people versus how they can help themselves. And so that’s that’s pretty easy to pick up on initially. Sometimes we make mistakes. And with nurses and they typically don’t last very long. But the nurses that we have now you know as we’ve said before we have.
In our group we have well over 100 years of experience with our nurses and some of the nurses that have working that are working with me have worked with me for you know 14 15 years. Restore home health of Oklahoma
And so you know that’s you know that says a lot about what we’re doing and the people that we have with us who believe in what we’re doing.
That’s great. This is Paul speaking by the way. I know it’s not exactly like this is it. This is a pope. Secondly. You talk in my head that’s how I sound.
And I honestly think in an industry such as home health particularly in Oklahoma you know the care starts at the top and the fear that is being created from the talk with yourself Laurie and Larry is a culture of caring and taking care of you all of your staff nurses and nurses when you set the stage like that enables them to be able to take care of patients and the level that they did in that culture. The company really resonates not just with the nurses but with the markets as well speaking as Americans and myself it creates an environment where we can comfortably work but also be held accountable to our goals which I think is a great atmosphere that you guys have created not pitching it back to you. Laurie what did you do. I’ve got really a two part question for you. So what did you do before your in home health. And you know we’re you know basically owning the best home health company in Oklahoma. Before that what were you doing and what made you get into historical questions I see.
Yes and long That’s the first part yes. Restore home health of Oklahoma
So what did you do before. Home health. And and what made you transition into it. Restore home health of Oklahoma
Well my degree is in speech language pathology. So initially I worked for a company that did speech therapy in long term care facilities and skilled nursing facilities. So I worked with Petey’s OTS and of course other cities. So that was my my interest has always been in helping people. And geriatrics was the first area that I that I worked in and I was exposed to all the therapies and the coordination of care and you know all of that. Now when I took a little jump from speech theology and I did pharmaceuticals. So darn pharmaceuticals. I was exposed to of course you know doctors offices nurses the physicians themselves the front desk people.
All of that was such a great learning experience I mean everything I’ve done from my first job at Sears Roebuck and Company in high school you know it’s really really led me to to be able to manage this a little bit easier.
So anyway after pharmaceuticals I went back into a speech and I did some occasional work for a home health company. I actually did the speech visits in rural towns in Oklahoma. Well. Then I had an opportunity with a friend to open a branch in Tulsa. Her parents were in the home health business and we were offered an opportunity to open a branch in Tulsa which they had never done they’d never branched out into a metropolitan area. So we did that. That was a wonderful experience and that was I mean we started in our car we were the marketers we were the schedulers we were the coordinator and then I had a sister she’s an Arianne. She did our visits for us so that’s how we started in the Tulsa area. And then the rest you would say is history.
So when you when you say speech therapy and I’ve had a physical therapy or even you know surprisingly occupational therapy speech therapy let me ask you this what does that look like when somebody needs speech therapy. How does that process look. I understand with different patients. It’s going to be you know the process might be different but just in general how does that process look from start to finish teaching English that sense right. That’s what I say. That’s the only way we didn’t sound like we met learn. Exactly. Restore home health of Oklahoma
That’s always our goal right. Well you know with different populations of course with kids you think of your typical speech therapist in the school setting. I can’t say there are their asses. You know their use whatever that might be in the population we work with in our home health here in Oklahoma especially we work really with anyone who has a communication disorder that would be the first thing whether it’s a result of a stroke.
Might be Parkinson’s or their motor skills have declined. People with Alzheimer’s whose memory has it has declined but if you kind of think of it in a way that if it affects their communication because of a neurological disorder. Speech therapy works with that and then kind of on a different side that not everybody really thinks of speech therapist work with patients who have swallowing difficulties whether it be just chewing or the actual swallow where they’re choking risk of aspiration things like that. So really communication disorders and swallowing disorders. Are mainly the type of patients that we work with in home health.
OK excellent. So so we see as Larry we’ve talked about this a couple of weeks back. But you’re on your own. Laura you have a skill set also where you can typically jump into the field if you want to do you guys ever find yourself. Obviously have a big star. But do you ever find yourselves jumping out there and just to go out and have some fun times.
Absolutely. I mean we’re we’re as we grow you know we’re we often as we take our time to hire nurses and hire responsible as what we say and make good decisions about the nurses we hire. Sometimes we find ourselves in a nursing shortage. And since I’m in that and our director of nursing Tanya you know we both go out and do nursing visits. Actually I have some that I have a couple of I’m going to do as soon as I leave here. Wow. So it’s it’s good for us to get out there and see the patients and find out you know how our nurses are doing in the field. I get some feedback. I know that Laurie from time to time some of our more rural locations will go and do speech therapy visits where where we will have a hard time getting a speech therapist to go you know. And so she’ll take some of those patients from time to time. You know I think it’s important for us to continue to do visits even if we have a tremendous amount of staff.
What kind of story he says you know kind of keeps us in the right frame of mind you know home health is is still about seeing patients. And it would be completely hard for us to understand what it means to see patients unless we’re seeing some of them ourselves and what it means to take care of people in the home because you can quickly forget what that is like if you’re not doing it on a regular basis and a home health. Restore home health of Oklahoma
You know we don’t ever want our patients to be just another number another name and a whole group of individuals we want them to be a part of the whole health restore home health family. And so we take that very seriously.
That’s excellent. That’s excellent. It seems like you guys have a really good team mindset. You guys are commanders on the battlefield and you go out and help them what you can and that’s us and that’s wonderful. Laura you had mentioned before that you know you first started with your family and you guys go in there and it was very small you transitioned up to Tulsa and then home health was home health as well as home health team. How do you feel like that there’s been a lot of changes in the industry. Right. So how how do you feel those changes have affected her story affected her health as a whole. Well I’ll say that you know there have been changes in home health. Restore home health of Oklahoma
Regulations now but I’ve had a lot of changes from when the first you know when I first got into home health so I’ve grown I’ve matured my priorities have changed and I’m in a better position to kind of you know along with Larry decide how we want this to look and the way we want it to look. And so when we keep that in mind keep the patient first then we work in all the regulations you know we kind of have to keep keep that goal front and center. Now the regulations they’ve always been changing. They change it. That’s nothing new. So really I think to not overreact and to wrap your head around what they are really wanting and how they are wanting it. And you just make your adjustment from there. Restore home health of Oklahoma
That’s good. What’s your opinion on that Larry in terms of regulations. It sounds like you guys know exactly what you’re doing as it pertains to the regulations and you’re taken in your stride and you stand ahead.
Right right. And Laurie is absolutely right and I’m sure she likes for me to say that she’s Laurie is absolutely absolutely.
There’s no disputing that.
You know I mean she’s she’s correct in that response that regulations are always happening and that as long as your vision is to put the patient first and the needs of the patient first the regulations will take care of.
And so and so our. Our vision is to care for people. And so our vision is not to just fall a bunch of regulations and do a bunch of people tell us to do. You know we will we will follow the regulations. But number one is to take care of people and the regulations will take care of yourself. You always have.
And so I think that is what you know ultimately will set us apart going into the future is caring for people in the home care industry and putting in number one. And sometimes you know those things don’t always work out for you sometimes you lose money when you take care of people and that’s OK. We’re in the home care business for a reason. We’re not in the home care business to get ultra wealthy we’re in the home care business because we care about people. You know so that you know that that’s really what it breaks down to you when you care about people you want to see people get well you want to see people move from dependence to independence. You  want to see you know someone who hasn’t been able to walk walk again. This really is a mission of healing people. And I mean you have to believe it can’t be something that you wake up and do halfway. Something that you have to put your whole self into every single day. Amen
to that Larry. That’s fantastic. Restore home health of Oklahoma
That’s kind of a sermon. Man I guess. I’m passing the offering plate right now. I got a witness. Yeah. I think that’s just weird. Visa and Mastercard and Medicare.
So with the vision that you guys have of helping patients he will see the more the more patients he help the better because we’re spreading the good word of restoring health in Oklahoma out there you guys definitely have an excellent vision the great growth mindset. Now there are some cuts some companies out there there are huge companies international companies are on them and they just have this kind of faceless organization that they’re massively huge. No one necessarily accountable because it’s such a big company you guys. Is there any fear there or any kind of apprehension with getting you know super super huge and losing that family bond that you guys have in becoming some kind of you know corporate corporate entity is there any kind of fear that.
And if so what do you guys plan to do to make sure that that never happens as far as losing what you guys already have by getting the big to Larry or lower you guys both you guys have the same time.
It’s the thoughts you have now. Restore home health of Oklahoma
I mean I don’t spend a whole lot of time being fearful about what it’s going to look like to be huge. You know that’s going to take care of itself as we grow. I think you know like Larry said it’s important to get the right people in the right place. And as you grow we learned that. I didn’t quite finish the whole story about how I got started but when I was building the office in Tulsa with a friend of mine that’s when I met Larry he he came to the home health and he was our administrator there and he quickly informed us that although we thought we had about 25 we had maybe eight legitimate patients. So anyway you know the learning process there that I think both of us learned is you know how to build from the ground up. And as you build from the ground you know each person going into each place and we try to keep that mentality to and so you know we know who’s out there selling restore and talking about Restore we know that nurses that are going into the home and as long as we continue to do that and make sure that the people that we are putting in place are ones that are going to help us grow you know that the way we look when we have 1800 patients in the state of Oklahoma you know that will take care of itself.
That’s good. Excellent. It’s great. You know there’s been a lot of talk of mission mission. There’s been some sermons spoken today. Can you give us I can speak a little bit about what you guys do throughout the outside of just seeing patients. I know there’s been mission trips there’s been stuff that you guys do at Christmas but could you speak a little bit to that.
Well you know I’ll tell you that Larry and I are both like minded in the fact that that we want to help people. But the way that he is so different for me is he actually gets out there and does it on a day to day basis. Restore home health of Oklahoma
And you know I’m just trying to keep up and not doing as good a job as I would like to but you know he’s he’s he’s a great example he and his wife and you know we talk a lot about family but it’s not just the restore family it’s you know the individual families behind the employees. And you know he’s got a great support system. So yeah I mean that’s just a part of who they are it’s a part of who you know Freestore wants to be. I mean if you’re helping people you can’t really narrow it down to only help the people that you’re getting paid for and so you know it’s very important. There are people all across the country and certainly all across the state that know they need help they need food they need clothing they need you know they just need something. And although you know we might not be able to fix everything there are certain things we can do. We’ve got a great grill. Restore home health of Oklahoma
We’ve got a great grill master. Larry’s awesome Larry Larry. OK. And our I.T. guy. Yeah. He wears many hats so you know we can certainly pull up the grill somewhere and cook food for people and yeah. And you know give our time and sometimes that’s that might be all we can do but it’s certainly better than doing nothing at all. Well we keep that in mind.
That’s awesome. You have a group most straight Strader. Restore home health of Oklahoma
I mean the director of clinical operations operate. See. Yeah yeah. Wow. I mean this is a stylist Obviously if you could see the white shoes Larry is wearing right now is the time of year to wear white. She is having an Stalley and it’s the list is never ending Larry is there anything you can do.
My friend there’s a lot that I can’t. You know and I’m I’m very I’m very humble about the things that I cannot do but in my mind I wake up every morning going I can do anything.
I think that I can maybe not at first but you know when it comes to the home care business and home health and restore home health and what it means to be in this marketplace and I’ll refer back to a question earlier we do. When I look at our agency and what Laurie and I have talked about over the years and before restore came along is that we don’t we don’t compare ourselves to other agencies because what we’re doing is not what other agencies are doing right. It’s different. And so we don’t have the ability to compare ourselves to other other home care agencies.
We set ourselves apart. We make sure that what we’re doing is special and it it’s more patient focused than you could ever imagine. And so we it’s virtually impossible to make a comparison across the board whether it’s a corporate giant or another agency that’s similar in size. What we’re doing is completely different and it always will be and by different I don’t always mean better. But I mean it’s it’s changing the world one person at a time. Sure. And that’s exactly what we’ve both been called to do. And I mean I get excited thinking about it whenever we all get together even after we get together after these little podcast or we get together on Wednesdays and we we talk about the future of the store. You know those things pump me up because you know the thoughts of helping more people the way that we do the thoughts of impacting more lives the way that we do and helping more people come up out of their troubles really moves me and and gets me excited about the future. And so it’s not it’s not just about growing an agency it’s about changing more people’s lives. And that really is really is something to behold.
That’s awesome. That is awesome. I think anybody listening to this podcast or reading online will understand how much we’re still home health really cares for the patients and cares about the community as well important is obviously a lot of locations here in Oklahoma. So I would imagine that some sense of pride here of looking after the Oklahoma residents.
Oh yes certainly. Humble pride I guess you would say. Sure sure yeah. I mean it’s a privilege it’s an honor. We’ve met so many different different people. Yeah. It’s just sometimes I’m just in awe when I think of you know all the patients that we’ve helped across restore or across Oklahoma through restore meeting their families and yeah it’s it’s been an honor. Restore home health of Oklahoma
I’m sure the formulaic relationships in that sense sometimes keep up with some of the people that goes off. Yeah that’s awesome. Yeah that’s great.
Let’s go ahead and restore. The Restore. It’s important to the restores locally owned.
You know Laurie is a hometown girl from Catoosa Oklahoma Tucson.
And I have my 30 year class reunion.
And you go. Restore home health of Oklahoma
And I started out in Muskogee guy from Muskogee Oklahoma which gives me a little bit of street cred as I always tell everyone that it’s my hometown. I love the people in Moscow. My folks still live there. We have one of our actually our main office is in Muskogee Oklahoma and we have some very good nurses there and a great team a great office in Muskogee and they provide exceptional care and area. And so it’s it gives me a sense of pride to know that we represent the home care industry and my home town and we represent it well. So you know so it’s nice to know. You know people everyone everyone’s you know looking for that sort of kind of that is it is it made it home well this is made at home. So you know we we are Oklahoman’s through and through.  Restore home health of Oklahoma
That’s awesome. Well I’ll be in Oklahoma three and through. We’re going to go ahead and wrap up this pod cast. Thank you Laura. Thank you Larry for coming out. Thank you guys. We’ll talk to you guys next week. Thank you very much. Thank you. Larry. Well other than having. Restore home health of Oklahoma