Homelessness in OKC

A big concern around the Oklahoma City area is the growing number of homeless people and their well being. In 2019, according to homelessalliance.org, there were a total of 1,273 countable people who were experiencing homelessness in the OKC area. This number has increased by a total of 90 people from the previous year. They also state that annually 11,278 people received homeless services in OKC. These homeless people can go to a number of different homeless shelters around the OKC area to have shelter or any other services. Services include shelter, food, cloths, drug rehab treatments, and clinics. Oklahoma City has a total of 7 different homeless/emergency shelter for the homeless around the area. Most of these shelters are open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other services that most shelters are starting to offer are therapies for people who are mentally ill and homeless. The 7 shelters in OKC include: Emergency Shelter for Seniors and the Medically Fragile, Jesus House, City Rescue Mission, YWCA Inez Kinney Gaylord Passageway Emergency Shelter, Sisu Youth Services, Salvation Army Oklahoma City Shelter, and Grace Rescue Mission. The work these shelters provide do wonderful things for people who are struggling around Oklahoma City. These shelter serve over 400 meals each day at each shelter. In the communities around OKC like Midwest City, Norman, and Edmond all have a center for people who are homeless to seek shelter, receive a meal, and have access to cloths and medical care.
Most homeless shelters are first come and first serve. These shelter usually have a process of signing people in and showing them around the facility and where they would be sleeping for however long they are staying. Although shelter bring in hundred of people a week, many people aren’t able to stay and receive some of their services if they do not consent to the shelters rules. One of the big services that homeless people are not able to receive are medical services if the homeless do not consent to the rules of the shelter. This is a huge problem since these homeless people are suffering from countless diseases and lack any product to cure them or keep them from obtaining different diseases. One big contributor to sicknesses spreading throughout the homeless communities is the lack of personal hygiene the homeless suffer from. With the help of these shelters, homeless people can go and be able to take showers or baths. Along with receiving hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tooth brushes and paste, and deodorant.
Overall, the biggest concern for the homeless people in OKC is the health and mental health of all of those struggling. If they are unable to get well then there is little hope that they can get back on their feet and start restoring their lives. This is where OKC Restore Home Health comes into play to help thousand of homeless people receive quality health care in order to turn their lives around

OKC Restore Home Health helping the cause

OKC Restore Home Health is one of the top home health care services in the state of Oklahoma. They are able to provide much higher quality services than those offered at homeless shelter in OKC. We have previously partnered with some homeless shelter to help offer our services to those homeless people in need. We have been able to attend these shelter to meet patients and provide any medical care they may need. OKC Home Health has also been able to meet patients at different hotels in order to provide services if they are unable to attend a homeless shelter. With our services, we have been able to restore the health of thousands of homeless people in the OKC area.
The services we provide by our registered and licensed practical nurses include: post acute care, medication administration, wound care, observation & assessment, pain management, tracheostomy care, brain& spinal cord injuries, complex wound care, medication management, palliative care, infusion therapy and other forms of therapy. These therapies consist of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Physical therapy focuses on strengthening the lower body to improve endurance and mobility. Occupational therapy focuses primarily on strengthening the upper body and helping patients learn to safely complete tasks of daily living. Speech therapy helps patients regain and learn speech abilities following a stroke. By partnering with homeless shelters around the OKC area. OKC Restore Home Health will be able to help fix the homeless problem in Oklahoma City by offering quality health services to the homeless who don’t have any access to medical services. By doing this, the homeless can be able to recover from any illness, physical or mental, and be able to find work and be able to improve their lives one step at a time.
With the help of homeless shelters and OKC Restore Home Health around Oklahoma City. The homeless will be able to have a place to sleep, eat, shower, and receive clean cloths. Along with receiving medical care from OKC Home Health to improve health physically and mentally. The collaboration of both parties will help the homeless population decrease and be more productive in recovering people from the battles the homeless are facing on a daily bases.