As the corona pandemic continues to interrupt the lives of people around the world. There is no better time to get OKC HomeHealth care than now. Restore HomeHealth provides care for patients who are recovering from surgeries and illnesses in the safety of their homes.
The benefits of home health care far outweigh those of hospitals or physicians in their offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. As hospital and clinics circulate corona patients in and out of their facilities on a daily bases. It is much safer patient to recover from surgeries or other illness in their own homes. Especially for people who are over the age of sixty-five. According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, 18.4% of corona cases are of people over the age of sixty-five. This is the 4th highest by age group with ages 18 to 35(32.9%) being the highest. Ages 36 to 49 (22.34%) being the second highest and 50 to 64 (19.02%) being in third highest. Although there has been a total of 2,029 confirmed case in people older than 65. Two hundred and ninety-eight of these patients have died of the corona virus. This is the highest number of deaths by age group in the state of Oklahoma by a large margin. The total percent of deaths by age groups for people older than 65 is currently at 80.32%. This significantly outnumbers the second highest number of deaths per age group, by people between the ages of 50 to 64. Their number of deaths is currently at 59, which, make up 15.9% of COVID deaths in the state. This data show the significance of peoples age, when they become positive for the corona virus and the importance of keeping them safely distanced from other people.
OKC HomeHealth Care can be the solution to keeping older patients healthier and safer from the spread of the virus. In Oklahoma county there have been a total of 2,230 corona cases which, is the second high cases per county in the state of Oklahoma. The leading number of cases per county is Tulsa county with 2,483 positive test. Oklahoma county has had a total of 65 deaths and Tulsa county having a total of 66 deaths.
This is where OKC HomeHealth can make a huge difference in their community and lives of those who live in them. Trained and skilled nurses can care for the patients in the safety and comfort of their own homes. The benefits of OKC HomeHealth include a wide of services and technologies that will ensure that patients quickly and safely recover from any surgery or illness they might go through. Along with helping patients with aide services to make sure their quality of life stays high.
One of the benefits of using home health is their use of NorthConnect technologies that connects families, friends, and care givers to patients whenever help is needed. The NorthConnect alert device is able to be worn around your neck or around your wrist. These devices are equipped with a GPS devices that nurses and other social workers will be able to track in case of an emergency. The devices gives patients the ability to push one button and make five separate phone calls to pre-programmed numbers simultaneously. All of these devices are light, easy to use, and designed to be water resistant, so patients can take it anywhere they want.
Nursing services is also another benefit of Restore HomeHealth. These services can be provided by both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Services include: post-acute care, medication administration, complex wound care, observation and assessment, pain management, coordination of pharmacy supplies and medical equipment, and any form of therapy. The three specialized forms of therapy offered by OKC HomeHealth are physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Physical therapy focuses on strengthening the lower body to improve endurance and mobility. Occupational therapy focuses on strengthening the upper body and helps patients learn to complete tasks safely. Speech therapy is offered to patients who have had a stroke improve speech and any difficulties in swallowing. Another benefit to having Restore HomeHealth is their use of medical social workers. These social workers help patients with community resources, planning and coordination, grief counseling, and assistance with adjustment to life changes. The best part to of all of these services is that the patients don’t need to leave their house and enter any place that might expose them to the corona virus. All services can be done in the patients home with a nurse who is tested daily. Minimizing the rick of catching the virus while recovering from any surgery or illness.
To help lower the current death rate of COVID-19 in Oklahoma and Tulsa county which, is 2.9% and 2.7%. OKC and Tulsa Restore HomeHealth can keep patients with a higher risk of dying from the virus away from it. This can be done by keep patients at home and providing any service they may need. Together we can end this pandemic and save countless lives.