Occupational therapy is one of the most important and impactful roles in recovering from any surgery, illness, or a disability. The main goal of occupational therapy is to improve or maintain skills for day to day activities and improve the overall well being of patients. Therapist are able to evaluate their patients daily living habits and plan new ways to help them carry out their daily chores. They are also able to talk with patients about their mental well being to farther help them recover or improve with daily tasks.
Our goal at OKC Home Health is to improve the health of our patients and make sure that they don’t have to be hospitalized after they receive medical treatment. We have found that one of the best ways for us to keep patients out of the hospital and with their families is through occupational therapy. Our therapist are able to work with patients to perform specific function that improve skills that are important to the patient. These functions can range from a variety of different things. For example, we can work with patients to improve their abilities to play golf, swim, climb stairs, type faster, and write. It doesn’t matter if the tasks are for work or just for the patient to have fun. We believe on improving the lives of our patients no matter how big or small the task may be.
OKC Home Health therapist are trained in a wide range of different techniques that they are able to use in order to quickly and safely rehabilitate our patients. One way we are able to do this is by improving and adapting our patients home environment that best fits their new lifestyle. This is an extremely important step in recovering from any surgery, illness or disability. Therapist are able to sit down with their patients and family to carefully and meticulously plan our goals and different ways to achieve their goals. This is important step that must be made in order for patients to restore their health. Without a goal or a plan to achieve their goals, will leave plenty of room for error that will cause patients harm and cause pain for their loved ones.
Whether patients are recovering from an illness, injury, surgery, or disability. Occupational therapist at OKC Restore Home Health are able to provide a wide range of different treatments for their patients. These treatments include: wound care, post surgical care, respiratory care, cardiac rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, pulmonary care and palliative care. These treatments have been shown to improve the physical and metal health of all of our patients. Also, occupational therapy has been linked with decreasing the chances of patients re-injuring themselves by safely improving our patients performance in daily tasks. Without occupational therapy, patients would be at a much higher risk of injuring themselves, which, would cause many of them to be re-hospitalized. Also, the overall well being and happiness would decrease due to the lack of ability to perform daily tasks.