Many of you might be thinking to yourself, why should I get home health care. What are the benefits to it when I can go to the doctors office or visit a hospital. This is a great question and is one that can be answered in many different ways.
The most notable benefit to having OKC Home Health is the ability to call trained professionals to help restore your health and assist you in the comfort of your own home. Unlike doctors offices or hospitals, Restore Home Health sends their nurses to help their patients where ever they may be. This is a huge benefit for patients who are unable or have a hard time traveling to different places due to injuries or illnesses. Bringing nurses to the patients eliminates the risk of patients getting into an accidence and causing more harm to themselves and others. We also know that you are constantly doing something whether its going to work, taking the kids to school, practice, going to the gym to workout, or making dinner for the family. This makes it difficult for loved ones to take them to the doctors office to receive proper treatment. With OKC Home Health Care, patients’ families no longer have to stress about making time in their day to take their loved ones to the hospital. Now, patients are able to get quality health care in the comfort of their own homes whenever they need us. The times of people having move their schedules around in order to see a doctor or receive medical attention are now over. People are able to receive anything at any time regardless of what they are looking for. More and more people are getting food delivered to were ever they are at. Stores are allowing customers to shop online and receive products the next day. People can buy tickets to a concert and still stay at home and stream it on their TV. Home Health care is no different than all these different industries that are making it easier for their customers to receive a product quickly and available where ever they may be.
Another benefit to OKC Home Health is our support in our patient’s daily living. Our nurses provide day to day help to ensure that their patients don’t hurt themselves working around their house. Nurses are able to go around the house and make any fixes that the house may need. Fixes could include placing rugs in areas that may be slippery. Placing railing systems around the house to make sure patients are able to keep their balance. These may seem small but no risk is too small to ensure that the patients safety is never in question. The services we provide include medication management which educates patients on when and how much medicine they should be taking. This informs patients on the risk of not taking their medicine and the problems that come along with it. It also allows patients to understand why they should be taking the recommended dosage at certain times. This eliminates the risk of patients over dosing on medications and/or keeping them from getting addicted to their medication.
Nutrition and other dietary support is another services that OKC Home Health provides to improve the quality of life and quicker recovery time. One of the top reasons patients have to re-enter the hospital is because of malnutrition following a surgery or illness. Patients that have chronic conditions aren’t able to make or get food to help give their bodies the proper nutrients to help improve their condition. OKC Restore Home Health has recognized this problem and has since started nutritional counseling for patients, along with providing them with home cooked meals. This will keep their bodies nourished and energized throughout the day. It has also been shown to help improve the time of recover and overall strength when patients are adequately fed.
Lastly, OKC Home Health provides patients with passionate companionship that improves attitude and motivation to improve their physical and mental well being. Research has shown that people over the age of 65 have improve health when they have social interaction with people. Our nurses allow patients to connect with somebody and build a strong relationship with somebody they normally wouldn’t. OKC Restore Home Health nurses have been known to go on walks, read, play cards, games, watch movies, and other social activities with their patients to create a bond that last a lifetime. These relationship we have built with our patients have allowed us to connect with the community and improve the lives of those who live in them.
Although planning and waiting to visit a doctor and replanning your schedule to meet with them has been the norm for the longest time. Now more than ever, has been the time to get OKC Home Health to bring health care to the home. Just like everything that is coming into the home like professionally cooked meals, workout stations, and offices. The future of health care is in the home.